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Curtin University
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Sino-Australian Joint Research Centre for Ocean Engineering

The Sino-Australian Joint Research Centre is a collaboration between Curtin University, Ocean University of China and Qingdao National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It encompasses marine, subsea and ocean engineering and technologies.

The future development of the offshore oil and gas industry will depend on how far and deep offshore oil and gas fields can be developed. Due to advancing deep-water technologies, there are strong economic considerations to move production equipment offshore. In response to local environmental and political issues and other considerations, the global petroleum industry is putting gas processing plants on ships known as 'Floating LNG' ships.

Floating LNG ships use existing technologies. However, within 10 years the industry will be moving to put processing plants on the seabed under deep waters, using ships only for storage. This gives rise to an emerging global need to develop advanced offshore technologies to meet the demand of the future global offshore oil and gas industry. Examples include developments in subsea processing, dehydration, pressure boosting and full gas processing with intervention from remote control stations based hundreds of kilometres away.

The Centre serves as a platform to boost cooperation between industry, university and research institutions through integrating collaborative research with business operations, in an effort to achieve the sharing of technology, resources and talented professionals for a long-term strategic partnership among the three parties.

The Centre will engage in the research and development of key and common technologies used in ocean engineering, strengthening the cooperation between industries, universities and research institutions, creating research and development collaboration opportunities among the three parties for future development, accelerating the upgrade of ocean engineering industry and the advancement of related technologies, as well as increasing Western Australia and Qingdao’s strength and internationalisation.

Through the collaborative research, Curtin University and Ocean University of China will stay at the forefront of subsea engineering and play a key role in the future development of deep-water technologies.